10K race

So there I was with 130 other lunatics trying to travel ten kilometers as fast as possible on foot. It was my first one in these sprint distances, so personal best was an easy target.

Past summer I haven't ran much, in fact I started prepping for this merely 3 weeks ago. The little time I had I spent doing interval which seemed to work surprisingly well. Yet, I don't think I was as good shape as late spring before failing miserably at full distance.

I started from the back and had to overtake quite few people, which cost me about 10 seconds. Then I got into the rhythm and plowed through 4:30'ish kilometers. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it still was disgusting. I ended my run with time 45:39 which is not too shabby for the first result. Last 1000m was 4:15 so I probably could've started my sprint little earlier, at 8 km sign perhaps. I still don't think 45 minute mark was possible with this little preparation, few weeks more and it would have been peace of cake.

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